Super Health Tip – Eat Super Foods

Like activity that can be productive or just fill time, what we eat can range from highly nutritious to just empty calories. There are foods that have far more nutritional value than the foods most people eat. These are called super foods. To be super healthy we must learn what they are and build our food intake around them.

Whole foods is a label that generally means the food hasn’t been processed or refined, and the nutrition of the food is kept at its peak. For example, white bread is nutritionally empty because it is made from white refined and bleached flour. Whereas whole grain bread is made with unbleached, whole ground flour, and usually it has whole kernels and seeds in and on the bread.

Super foods can even more nutritious than whole foods, because they are foods that have concentrated nutrition in them. Some of the super foods you should include in your diet are wheat germ, bran, nutritional yeast, ground flax seeds, fresh vegetable juice, fresh greens, and phytonutrients.

Wheat germ is the seed part of each kernel of wheat. It contains the life force of the kernel. Bran is the two layers of cellulose covering each kernel of grain. It is one of the best sources of fiber that supports good digestion. Nutritional yeast is also known as brewer’s yeast. It is full of natural vitamins, especially B complex. Flax seeds are nutritionally potent, but must be ground (use a coffee grinder dedicated to just flax seeds) for their nutrients to be released during digestion.

Juicing fresh vegetables separates the potent juice from the bulk fiber, and concentrates the plants nutrients. Fresh greens are nutritionally potent. There are over 10 greens that have more protein by weight than meat or dairy. Phytonutrients are plant foods that contain exceptional nutritional value. Green vegetables, leafy greens, seeds, and nuts all contain Phytonutrients. Fruits cleanse and vegetables build. We need both every day.

A factor that affects the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is how quickly they are eaten after harvesting. Aging, refining, and heating all diminish nutritional potency. So foods that are fresh, unrefined, and have not been heated or cooked retain their nutritional value better.

One excellent way to enjoy and benefit from the highest nutritional value of produce is to drink green smoothies. Green smoothies are simply fruit smoothies that have vegetables added to them. All of the above super foods can blended in as well, and the smoothies are delicious. Drinking them four or five times a week will build your health and immune system quickly.

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